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To choose the right English course means to move towards the achievement of your English learning goals. There are many English courses to choose from: General English, Business English, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), Exam Preparation (IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL, TOEIC), Teacher Training (methodology) and more.


General English courses focus on the 4 communication skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will gain confidence to communicate in English in a variety of different contexts.

A General English standard group course consists of 20 lessons per week. Usually 1 lesson duration is 45 minutes. The maximum number of students per class in a General English standard group course is between 9 and 12.

Group courses stick to specific days and time. They are usually held Monday to Friday and mainly in the morning.
All the schools also offer General English intensive courses, which usually consists of 30 lessons per week. The 10 extra lessons per week are mainly focused on conversation and spoken interaction.

Some schools offer General English mini groups, with a maximum of 6 students per class.
There are also General English courses specifically designed for students over the age of 30 and over the age of 50.
You can also opt for General English individual lessons (one-to-one).

General English courses in Malta



Group courses will give you the opportunity to learn in a multicultural environment, hence putting immediately into practice what you are learning. You will get used to different accents, while also making new friends from around the world.

One-to-one lessons, on the contrary, are tailor made for you. It will be just you and the teacher. This is the most flexible course that can find, but remember that those courses are usually very expensive.
While a General English standard group course has a weekly fee between € 100 and € 210, depending on the season and on the number of weeks booked, 1 individual lesson (45 minutes) can cost up to € 40.
You can also opt to combine a General English group course with individual lessons.
Please keep in mind that if you are a zero beginner, many schools will not accept you in group courses, and you must book individual lessons.

The choice should be based on 4 factors, combined together:

English courses in Malta - Group courses
  • Your entry level of English

  • Your learning goals

  • Your availability in terms of weeks

  • Your budget

If your level is elementary, you are planning to take a 2 week English course and your budget is uncapped, then you can easily go for individual lessons, at least 20 per week or for a combination of group course and individual lessons.
For only 2 weeks, a General English group course is good for a brush-up and for a short cultural experience abroad. So if you expect to become fluent with a 2-week group course, starting from an elementary level, you might be disappointed.

In general, for low levels of English the time to move from one level to another is 6-8 weeks, taking a standard General English group course. Although this also depends on your ability to process information, on the time you dedicate to studying and the time you practice English outside the classroom.


If your plan is to further your academic studies in a foreign University (Bachelor, Master, Phd) or to start a career abroad, you might need to demonstrated your English language skills with an international recognised certificate, either Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC.
You should then opt for an exam preparation course. The entry level for those courses is usually B1 or B2.
You will also have the opportunity to sit for your exam at the end of the course.

Depending on the school and on the specific exam you want to prepare for, the course can be a combination of General English and exam preparation and can be available on specific dates only.

Whether you are an entrepreneur opening to international markets, a professional willing to improve your negation skills or a customer advisor who needs to improve telephone manners, email writing skills or presentations abilities, a Business English course is what you are looking for.
In Malta you will have the following options for a Business English course: group course specific on Business English, combination of General English and Business English course, individual lessons on Business English, combination of group course and one-to-one lessons.
Usually, a need analysis is carried out before you start the course, in order to tailor made the course for your necessities.

The minimum required level to access a Business English course is usually B1.

You can improve your language skills in your specific professional sector.

There are a variety of ESP (English for Specific Purposes) courses, among them Medical English, Legal English, English for Tourism, Aviation English.

An ESP course consists of a combination of General English group course and individual lessons or individual lessons only.

The minimum entry English level is usually B1.

Nowadays many schools offer a work placement or internship programme.

After few weeks of General English standard course, you will have the opportunity to practice English in a work environment.
The work experience is usually unpaid. When applying for a work experience, you need to be ready with an updated CV in English and a motivational letter.
This experience is recommended for a period of minimum 6 weeks.

So you will need to work out your budget properly.

Are you a non-native English teacher looking for a methodology course?
Are you a teacher of any subject willing to implement CLIL methodology in your classroom?
Is your school looking for a partner for the Erasmus+ application?
Please visit our dedicated page to teacher training (Erasmus+) courses, here.

English courses in Malta - Courses for adult students


The courses listed in this section are the most popular. Other English learning programmes are available in Malta. For example you can combine English learning with cultural activities, or with sport practice. You can decide to travel abroad with your kids and enrol in a family programme.
So, please feel free to contact me, and I can help you choose the school and the course that suit your needs.



English courses for adult students in the heart of Valletta, Malta’s capital city.
Our partner school in Valletta is a well established, Feltom and IALC accredited English language centre, founded in 2003.

English courses in Malta - Valletta


English courses for adult students in St Julian’s, at the doorstep of Paceville, Malta’s entertainment capital. Our partner school in St Julian’s is one of the most accredited English language centres in Malta founded in 1996.

Learn more

English courses in Malta - St Julian's


English courses for young and adult students in Sliema. Our partner school is a modern school, Feltom and ALTO accredited, it is also an authorised Cambridge English Centre for the CELTA and DELTA teacher training courses.

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English courses in Malta - Sliema Ferry


English courses for adult students in St Paul’s Bay, beautiful seaside resort in the North of Malta.
Our partner school in St Paul’s Bay is a boutique English language centre, Feltom accredited school, founded in 1999.

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English courses in Malta - St Paul's Bay


Set in a quiet residential location, our partner school is only 15 minute walk from Spinola Bay, St Julian’s. This family run English school will provide you with individual attention. Founded in 2002 the school is fully licensed by the ELT Council.

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English courses in Malta - San Gwann
English courses in Malta - Get free advise
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