During the World Statistics Day, the Malta International Airport released some interesting numbers which make up the airport’s daily operations

  • Have you ever heard of the Apis Mellifera Ruttneri?

    It is a sub-species of the western honey-bee, endemic to the Maltese Islands. Apparently 300,000 bees call Malta International Airport home, thanks to the airport’s effort to safeguard the indigenous bee.

  • Were you one of the over 6 million passengers welcomed at the Malta International Airport in 2017?

  • If the answer is yes, then your nationality count among the over 106 nationalities travelling through the Maltese terminals.

  • And if you were travelling in summer time your luggage were among the 12.200 pieces of luggage processed daily by the airport staff.

  • I hope you were not one of those passengers who left behind some 800 items, including sunglasses, mobile phones and, according to the local newspaper Times of Malta, 65-inch televisions and expensive drones!

  • But maybe you enjoyed one of the 773,00 coffees sold by Costa Cafe or one of the smoothies from Dr Juice that blended a total of 13,520 kilos of fruit in 2017.

  • Do you have a sweet tooth? Then maybe you purchased one of the 671,000 chocolate bars sold last year.

  • And if you wonder whether people still buy print newspaper, the answer is yes! In 2017, at the Malta International Airport 290 newspapers were sold daily.

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