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You want to learn English in Malta but you are not sure yet about the process to follow? Check through some frequently asked questions and then contact us.

Our service is completely free of charge. We will assist you with the choice of the most suitable English school and English course. Whether you request a quotation and finally book the course or not, you will not need to pay Wanderlust Malta anything.

If you decide to book a course we recommended, we will take care of the booking with the school and you will pay the school directly.

Once you start the course if you still require our assistance, we will be available. Again, this is free of charge.

Yes, you need to. Every school has different terms and conditions about payment, cancellation and withdrawal policies. Together with the quote I will also send you T&Cs of the school.

You can pay via bank transfer, credit card and sometimes via online payment services. If you are already in Malta when booking a course, you will also be allowed to pay cash at school.

To have a travel insurance is strongly recommended. Some schools will require you to have a travel insurance and many will also offer a travel insurance themselves.

Being Malta a EU member state, part of the Schengen area, if you are a EU citizen, your identity card valid to travel abroad or your passport are enough.

If you are a third country national, please contact us and we will give you detailed information, depending on your nationality. Together with the school we will offer an advisory service, in case you need a VISA to enter Malta.

Courses are designed in a way that allows you to decide the numbers of weeks to book. While the minimum stay is one week, there is not a maximum limit. The above applies to General English courses. On the contrary, some courses might be available on specific dates only.

As a general rule, adult students (18+) and juniors are not mixed in the same English courses. However, some schools might, in exceptional circumstances, accept 17-year-old students in adult courses. Placement in a class only depends on the level of English and not on the age.
But there schools that offer specific English courses for students who are 30 and over or 50 and over. We will try to find the most suitable course for you, always let us know your age in the request.

The only criteria used to place students in a class is the level of English. What we can do is to choose a school with the best nationality mix to reduce the chance to have classmates of your nationality. However this is not a guarantee. In any case, you will need to make an effort and speak English even if you meet students from your own country.

Some schools will give you the opportunity to test your level of English before your arrival, with an online English test. Other schools will ask you to sit for a placement test on your first day at school, usually the test duration is 1 hour and a half. This test is part of the course, it means that for the first day at school, part of the course (usually 2 lessons of 45 minutes each) will consist of the placement test. This time will not be made up for with extra lessons.

If you think you are placed in the wrong class, because the level of English is too low or too high, I strongly recommend that you discuss it immediately with your teacher. The teacher will be able to confirm your worries and discuss the matter with the Director of Studies.

Depending on availability and on the English course, the school might be able to meet your request. But please note that in many cases you will need to pay an extra administration fee. This will be stated in the school’s T&Cs.

Teachers in Malta are both Maltese and foreign nationals. They are in possession of international qualifications as required by the Ministry of Education: TEFL Cert, ESOL CELTA or DELTA, Trinity Cert. TEFL.

Yes, of course you will receive a certificate which states the course you attended, the level, the length and the dates.

The certificate is issued by a private English school operating under Maltese laws. If you look for an internationally recognised certificate to study or work abroad, you should opt for an exam as IELTS, Cambridge (FCE, CAE), TEOFL, TOEIC.

Most of the schools are accessible to students with mobility impairment, however it is always better to inform us on your first request and we can suggest the best location for you.


Fill in the contact form here below to get free advice and a quote. We will take the time to get to know you and do our utmost to help you find the best English school in Malta and the most suitable course for your needs.

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