Beaches in Malta



Beaches in Malta - Ghajn Tuffieha

Ghajn Tuffieha, on the north-west coast of Malta, at the limits of Mġarr is a secluded sandy beach. It is not easy accessible as you need to descend a hill on a staircase of around 200 stairs or a network of trails along the clay slopes.
You will find an unspoiled rural atmosphere, only one bar/restaurant is present on the beach.
The shallow waters are ideal for first time swimmers. But you need to pay attention to strong currents when the wind is to the north-west.
For the most adventurous, I recommend to climb up the hill and discover the view on the left side on another beautiful sandy beach, Gnejna Bay and the countryside.


Beaches in Malta - Golden Bay

Very close to Ghajn Tuffieha, Golden Bay is probably the most popular sandy beach in Malta. You will find it overcrowded in summer. Easily accessible to everyone, the beach offers different facilities and attractions: cafe-restaurant, sun lounger and umbrella hire, water sports (jet skiing, paragliding, boat rides).
The beach is an ideal spot to watch the sunset, when the sun goes down the atmosphere turns magical.


Beaches in Malta - Gnejna Bay

Ġnejna Bay, mostly sandy, is located close to the rural village of Mġarr. It is a secluded beach and not so popular as neighbouring Golden Bay and Għajn Tuffieħa.
It is for sure a quieter spot. However, when it come to public transport only one bus route can take you there, the 101. So the best option would be to go with your own transport or by taxi/cab.


Beaches in Malta - Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay is one of the smallest sandy beaches in Malta. It is located in the northernmost tip of the island, close to the Gozo channel ferry. With its crystal clear water it offers a good spot for snorkelling. Moreover it is possible to hire canoe, sunbeds and umbrellas.
A restaurant complex is also available.
It is accessible trough a staircase.
Being a very small beach it is not recommended in peak season and during weekends.


Beaches in Malta - Ghadira Bay

Ghadira or Mellieħa Bay is the largest beach around Mellieħa, Northern part of the Island.
It is a very popular family beach thanks to shallow waters. It is fully accessible to physically impaired bathers.
At the beach you will find a number of facilities, including sun lounger and umbrella hire, water sports (jet skiing, paragliding, boat rides), bars, restaurants, lifeguard, showers and toilets.


Beaches in Malta - Qawra Point

Qawra point is a rocky beach in the North of Malta. It is an unspoiled beach which has access to shallow waters every now and then. The water is crystal clear and it is ideal for snorkelling.
It is fully accessible to phisically impaired bathers thanks to ramps and hoists on site.
The beach offers services like sun lounger, umbrella hire and lifeguard.
Qawra Point is within 5 minute walking distance of Bugibba Bus terminus. It is located just very close to the Malta National Aquarium and Café del Mar. There are two kiosks at street level offering delicious Maltese food at very affordable prices.
The area of Qawra Point is also a dive site. On the north side there are Fra Ben Cave, a small cavern with an open ceiling, and North Reef & Arch. On the south side there is a shallow bay suitable for training and try dives. Between north and south side is a shallow rock-cut pool. A bit further away from the shore are L-Cave, Qawra Reef and Imperial Eagle wreck with Statue of Christ nearby.


Beaches in Malta - St Peter's Pool

St. Peter’s Pool is a secluded beach, one of the most beautiful natural pool on the island, away from the busy tourists beaches.
It is located between Marsaxlokk and Delimara Point in the southwest of Malta.
It is the ideal spot for adventurous bathers, you will have the option to dive into the waters from a few meters up.
But there are also stairs to enter the water in a safer way. The water is quite deep that’s why the spot is recommended for confident swimmers.
The water is crystal clear and it is ideal for snorkelling. The flat rocks around provide sunbathing areas.
There are no facilities around, in summer there is small truck close the the parking space selling cold drinks and snacks. So you will need to make sure you bring anything you might need while you are there.
The road taking down to the pool is in a very bad way.
Unfortunately the bay is not accessible to people with physical impairment.
The closest bus stop to St Peter’s Pool is Delimara, around 2 km away. The bus route is 119 (Marsascala – Airport).


Beaches in Malta - Ghar Lapsi

Ghar Lapsi is a little and secluded bay just off Siggiewi and 1 km from Blue Grotto.
The crystal clear water is of green/blue shades and it is ideal for snorkelling. The rocks form a natural swimming pool which features a cave leading to deep open seas. Thanks to the high visibility, a dive in the area is perfect for underwater photography.
Being a natural protected area, Ghar Lapsi is very popular especially among locals. There is not much space for sunbathing but it still worth a visit.
The closest bus stop is Lapsi, served by bus 109 (Il Bahrija – Siggiewi)

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